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biORAKEL – when biology students help biology students…

biORAKEL is a new, student-coordinated platform where undergraduate students can come and get help from more experienced students called oracles. These oracles are available to answer general questions from the undergraduate biology courses, and to help out with the different assignments in these courses such as reports, academic writing, sources etc. biORAKEL works with two types of oracles: Oracle 1 and Oracle 2. Oracle 1 primarily attend to weekly oracle meetings and answer simple questions from the students there. Oracle 2 are available to receive drafts of the students work; they review and comments these drafts and give feedback to these students.

This project is an initiative from biology students at BIO who share a common interest for helping their less experienced peers. Besides helping newer students, biORAKEL provides teaching practice for the Oracles and is also a good chance for networking across courses and year classes. Hopefully, this platform will help strengthen the new students’ relation to BIO.

biORAKEL will be up and functioning with regular meetings from the 9th of March.

Visit biORAKEL at

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