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bioCEED’s interim evaluation is soon to begin!

In 2014 bioCEED was awarded the status as a Centre for Excellence in Education (SFU) by NOKUT for a period of five years, first, with possibility for extension of another five years. Nearly 3 years have passed since the opening of the centre. bioCEED is now about to enter the evaluation process which will lead to decision on renewal of the status by the end of 2017.

NOKUT has recently gathered a panel of international experts (see list further below) whose tasks are: 1) to assess whether the Centre of Excellence in Education is on the right track when it comes to accomplishing the set goals for the first five years of its existence, and 2) to contribute to the development of the Centre.

bioCEED looks forward to meeting the members of the evaluation panel:

  • Professor Paul Ashwin, Lancaster University,
  • Professor Celia Duffy, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland,
  • Professor Andreas Eichler, University of Kassel,
  • Professor Peter Maassen, University of Oslo,
  • Professor Stephanie Marshall, Higher Education Academy,
  • Student Trine Oftedal, The National Union of Students in Norway,
  • Professor Richard Reece, University of Manchester.

Along with bioCEED, SFU MatRIC and CEMPE will also undergo the evaluation process in 2017.

Read more about the panel and the goals of the evaluation in this article “Interim evaluation of three Centres for Excellence begins” published by NOKUT.

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