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When you run out of chairs

The last bioBreakfast of 2018 at UNIS broke all the attendance records, with 44 participants. All the departments at UNIS were represented by the bachelor and master students. There were two speakers, Sarah Strand from Geology who talked about the PhD she is writing about permafrost, and Vanessa Pitusi who is writing her master in marine biology. The attendance was captivated by both talks, and engaged in discussion afterwards.

But the fantastic talks might not have been the only reason the attendants was so high. BioBreakfast’s goal, to create connections between people, is an especially important task in the dark season. In November the dark season truly descends on Longyearbyen, it is dark all the time and it feels like you are eating dinner, when you are actually eating lunch. With the darkness it is important to keep good company such as can be found at bioBreakfast.

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