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Bikuben Vol.1 is out at last!

Bikuben's editorial board is proud to introduce the paper version of the first volume of Bikuben.

In the 74 pages of this edition, you fill find the seven articles published online at during the academic year 2021/2022. The edition features a beautiful, carefully selected set of photographs and illustrations submitted by reviewers, authors, former and current students at BIO to our Spring 2022 photo contest. The winner of the contest, MSc. Marthe Olsen, wins a 300 NOK gift card and gets her photo published on the front cover of Bikuben Vol. 1.

We hope that you will enjoy the present edition, and perhaps find the inspiration for writing and submitting your own work to us for publication in Bikuben Vol. 2.


The editorial board,
Jørund Johansen, Lars Martin Myhre, Tonje Olsen Totland and Silje Maria M. Høydal

Silje, Jørund and Lars Martin proudly present the first paper edition of Bikuben. Credits: bioCEED

Click HERE to download Bikuben Vol. 1 as a PDF file.

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