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bioCEED welcomes new student representatives at UNIS fall 2022!

This fall we are fortunate to have these three student representatives contributing to various aspects of the bioCEED activities at UNIS: Kjetil Aukland Talhaug, Milly Evavold and William Andrews.

Kjetil Aukland Talhaug is a bachelor student from the University of Tromsø (UiT) and is serving as a new student representative for bioCEED at the University of Svalbard (UNIS). Kjetil came to UNIS at the end of July 2022. He is interested in arctic biology and is particularly focused on ecology. He is interested in how interactions between species change as the environment change and corresponding effect on the system. BioCEED gives him the opportunity to help shape the biology education system. He hopes to influence the structure of the arctic biology courses and implement more practical experience to the students. He wishes for more student learning activities including internships, laboratory work and fieldwork.



Milly Evavold is a bachelor student studying Wildlife Biology and GIS at the University of Montana, where she works in the Avian Science Center. Milly arrived at UNIS in late July and is now serving as a new student representative for bioCEED at UNIS. She is particularly interested in wildlife adaptations to the Arctic climate and how these species will respond to ecosystem changes in the face of climate change. Milly will be studying at UiT in Tromsø in the spring and then finishing her bachelor’s degree in Montana next fall. Participating in bioCEED provides an opportunity for her to become further involved in the UNIS community and understand the planning and decisions that professors make when leading a course. Milly is looking forward to organizing bioSEMINARS that her fellow Arctic Biology students are excited about and helping plan bioCEED events.



William Andrews is a bachelor student from the University of Oregon and is now serving as a new student representative for bioCEED at UNIS. William came to UNIS in January 2022 with an interest in the arctic climate and how organisms adapt to the unique conditions on Svalbard. He is particularly passionate about the methodology of science and getting real field and research experience. Participating in bioCEED gives him the opportunity to play a larger part at UNIS and to represent his peers while influencing the biology curriculum.



Welcome to our new student representatives!

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